• Sustainable development

    With the right methods, tool knowledge & large amounts of passion, we develop smartly and cost effectively. With us, it will always be easy to understand what you are getting.

  • Value for millions

    With the right infrastructure, decision support, sustainable development, effective Business Intelligence and secure operation, you are both safe and can stay ahead of your competition.

  • Hassle-free IT – is that possible?

    Infozone offers hassle-free management, operation and support of IT environments onsite at the customer, and with fully or partially outsourced environments.


We help our customers to get an overall view of the status of the business’s systems, which creates better understanding of the results, and often leads to new ideas and opportunities for improvement.

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Infozone’s skilled architects and specialists are here for the everyday business needs of our customers. The solutions we deliver create real business value.

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Our ambition is to ease our customers’ everyday lives. We’re here from analysis and design through to implementation and test, operation, evaluation and analysis of results.

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Whether your needs are large or small, we can address these in a detailed and precise manner so that all of your needs and business requirements are met.

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Document management, digital collaborative interfaces or even a CMS system to manage all web publishing, is something that many use today in their daily work as well.

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The world today is a lot more mobile than it was 10 years ago. The introduction of smartphones and tablets has changed our expectations in modern IT-systems drastically.

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We use our expertise within BI and QlikView where we assist our customers with advice and planning in order to be able to optimize their BI investments.

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With a focus on effective development, we deliver BI solutions with great business benefits and provide the services required to ensure a successful outcome.

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Total care

We help our customers to manage their BI platform and work to discover new needs, and how these should then be addressed through the development process.

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Latest News
  • Free Webinar – Using extensions in Sense

    Free webinar – Using extensions in Sense

    Are you interested in diving deeper into Qlik Sense?
    Join us for a free webinar featuring publicly shared extensions that allow you to go beyond the out of box capabilities of Qlik Sense.

  • Launch of our new BI portal “The Zone”

    We are excited to announce our new online BI portal “The Zone”, a new state of the art site designed to empower, educate and enable its members. In the portal you can download videos, presentations, white papers and Qlik extensions.

  • The future of Citrix revealed at Citrix Summit 2015

    Infozone was present at Citrix Summit 2015, this year in Las Vegas. As usual some important news for us Citrix nerds. Here are the highlights: Monday, Citrix revealed that it had finalized a deal to buy Sanbolic, adding high-performance, highly scalable software-defined storage to it’s offering. This is the news that has been getting the most…

  • New collaboration strengthens QlikView offer

    Infozone has entered into an agreement with Avone IT about a strategic collaboration for QlikView. Under this agreement, Infozone takes over all sales and development activities with QlikView as of March 17.   This collaboration means that Infozone strengthens its market position and takes a further step towards becoming a leading player in the Swedish…

  • Infozone Official Consulting Partner to JetBrains

    IT Company Infozone and the software company JetBrains have established a collaboration on support systems within IT. This partnership means that Infozone will extend its expertise on development projects in order to offer effective tailor-made IT systems to its customers. With this new partnership Infozone can offer their customers broader technical expertise and support and…

  • InfoZone new partner QlickPlanner

    Konsultnet signs partnership agreement with Infozone Intelligence, which becomes sales and implementation partner of the planning system QlickPlanner. Infozone Intelligence, which is a sister company to the system integrator InfoZone, will offer QlickPlanner as part of their services for the decision support QlikView. Frederick Ehnö, President of Infozone Intelligence, has been working with QlikView for…

  • Lync Conference 2014 offered few surprises

    Last week, this year’s Lync Conference took place at the Aria Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas. Keynote focused on the fact that the future´s platform must be formed around the user, and not the other way around. From Infozone Anders Green and Stefan Forsberg were present to give us this report. Apart from Lync…

  • Lync Conference 2014 offered few surprises

    Last week, this year’s Lync Conference took place at the Aria Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas. Keynote focused on the fact that the future´s platform must be formed around the user, and not the other way around. From Infozone Anders Green and Stefan Forsberg were present to give us this report. Apart from Lync…

What our customers think

  • “It shows that Infozone know Qlikview. They understand our needs and provide us with a quick response. Despite all of the tool’s possibilities, it is still easy to work with.”

    Thony Lindvall
    Campaign Administrator, SBS Discovery
  • “People have really taken to this system. Probably because it is so easy to work with and that it is possible to get out much useable information from it.”

    Kerstin Solbu
    Group Business Controller, Hultafors Group
  • “We place high demands on reliability and data quality. Infozone met our demands by working with high availability and in a proactive way.”

    Stefan Buhr
    Business Controller, Tibnor
  • “The partnership with Infozone has proceeded very well. They have been responsive, flexible and have come up with good ideas. They also warned us when we wanted to do something that did not work so well.”

    Jan Gustafsson
    Operating Officer, Office Depot
  • “The major benefit was that we got a much higher information visibility. This gave us the possibility to act faster and better.”

    John Thacker
    Quality & Support Services Manager, Siemens Security Products
  • “Even if we were to change the CRM system or other systems, it does not bother me. My tool can retrieve the information I need out of all systems.”

    Pernilla Irebjörk
    Analytiker, SBS Discovery
Siemens Security Products
SBS Discovery
Pacira pharmaceuticals
Case studies
  • Sanofi

    Today, business moves faster than ever. Decision makers have to act quickly to keep pace. New technology and data sources are making it possible to track and measure nearly every conceivable KPI.

  • Global Pharma

    A global pharmaceutical company was in the midst of transforming their sales organization by integrating multiple data sources across several brand teams. This initiative would empower their sales teams to be more proactive, efficient and effective.

  • Hultafors Group

    The Hultafors Group includes brands sold worldwide. To get a clear picture of its development, access information and to find important deviations and trends, they use the QlikView tool that Infozone Intelligence developed.

  • Office Depot

    QlikView is the tool that helps Office depot to keep track of their customers, their habits and analyze sales at a detailed level as well as monitoring campaigns and their outcomes. This way, they can adjust their inventory and their store’s supply to demand.

  • Siemens Security Products

    Siemens Security Products is known for its innovative security solutions and are working partly to make their business- and reporting system more effective. In order to quickly get out, among others, a sales analysis and sales figures in real time, they use the QlikView solution.

  • A large gaming company

    One of the largest gaming companies in Europe had a need to both reduce their costs for travel, and also to create a platform to give closer cooperation between…

  • A Large Authority

    Infozone was given full responsibility to replace the authority’s IT platform.The platform was introduced to create a new modern workplace in which the way of working such as…

  • Axfood

    We designed and installed a new XenApp 6.5 environment with App-V for application delivery at the customer with 1300 Citrix users. Initially, we did an AD-transparency…

From the blog
  • Gain knowledge with The Zone!

    We would like to welcome you to Infozone’s knowledge portal, The Zone! At The Zone you can easy and smoothly gain access to updated and relevant material for your business such as video tutorials, white papers or trial applications. The Zone is a portal where Infozone offers knowledge and innovation for your business intelligence solutions.

  • Machine Learning using a Neural Network written in C# – Part 2 – Implementation

    This is the second part of three in a blog series about Machine learning using a Neural Network. In the previous post, I went through the theory needed to write a shiny neural network, from scratch, in C#. If you feel comfortable with the theory or just want some code then keep on reading, otherwise I recommend reading part 1 before reading any further.

  • Machine Learning using a Neural Network written in C# – Part 1 – The theory

    I’ve always been fascinated by artificial intelligence, writing software that can solve a problem at hand without hard coding all the combination of branches needed to solve it. Writing software that learns how to solve the problem – with a bit of guidance. I have recently started to dig into this area and I’ve written my…

  • We are champions at Business Intelligence

    Infozone – Champions of Business Intelligence!

    Infozone works in several different business areas to provide complete solutions for your organization. One of the business areas that we are experts in both in Sweden and the U.S. are solutions for Business Intelligence (BI), an area we have chosen to highlight for you in this post to provide you and your organization a better understating of the importance of BI.

  • Linting – Handcuffing your developers?

    Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and may not represent my employer’s (Infozone) view. I’ve recently been in projects with strong enforcement on code style using StyleCop (C#) and TsLint (Type Script) and I feel the need to write about my experience and try to reason about the pros and cons of…

  • Write the code yourself

    You are asked to implement new functionality, something that involves solving a problem that does not yet exist in your project. You sit down with your keyboard and start doing your magic, what is the first thing you do?

  • Three BI-trends you shouldn’t miss

    Phil Bishop, President for Infozone, US, talks about three important Business Intelligence-trends on the market and the clients increased demands.

  • The hunt for the best of BI-blogs

    Some weeks ago we blogged about some tips for Business Intelligence podcasts. This time we are going to try to find the best Business Intelligence blogs

  • Binding abstract models in ASP.NET MVC

    It is common to have abstract models but it can be a bit of struggle to make it work together with MVC’s built in model binder. I guess a lot of people have faced the following yellow screen of death (“Cannot create an abstract class”)


Become a part of our team

We at Infozone are constantly seeking the right employees. Here you have the chance to explore your possibilities at a competent and innovative company as well as having the opportunity for an exciting career where you can develop your future.

Meet us
  • Jeremy Doherty

    Jeremy is a QlikView- and Qlik Sense-certified consultant who has been working in the BI space since 2006, chiefly using Qlik products since 2012…

  • Michael Wegmann

    Michael graduated from Loyola University Chicago’s Quinlan School of Business where he studied Information Systems and Marketing. He began at Infozone in 2015…

  • Karina Kuregian

    Karina joined Infozone bringing 20 years of experience in software development. After graduating with an MIS degree from Kansas State University in 1997, she pursued…

  • Anna Hedberg

    Anna has been working with QlikView for over 10 years and is currently a principal consultant for Infozone. She has been working as a consultant on the Qlik partner..

  • Rohan Doshi

    Rohan is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago with a major in Mathematics and Computer Science and a minor in Economics. He started his career…

  • Swetha Nagireddy

    Swetha graduated from school with a Masters in Computer Science and a specialization in Database Management Systems. She has been in the BI world since 2011 and…

  • Apeksha Pathak

    Apeksha is a Senior User Experience Designer with over 5 years of experience designing web and mobile applications including over 3 years of experience designing UI for QlikView…

  • Mathias Carnemark

    Mathias has 13 years of experience working with management information systems. Early in the year of 2000, he was hired by a small company called QlikTech in Lund, Sweden…

  • John Ramirez

    John is a graduate of Loyola University Chicago, Quinlan School of Business (May 2015). John has both a business and technical background which will serve him well as he…

  • Doug Marcis

    Doug is an experienced Business Intelligence Consultant who resides in Chicago, IL. Achieving his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science he has a very strong…

  • Nicole Abernethy

    Nicole has an MIS degree and has been working with QlikView since 2010, beginning with a Qlik customer in the retail industry. She has experience as a business analyst…

  • Shima Auzins

    With over ten years of experience with QlikTech in the U.S. and Holland, Shima has extensive knowledge in this area. She is an internationally recognized expert in…

  • Phil Bishop

    Phil is a globally recognized BI consultant and adviser, because of his knowledge of QlikView, for his business skills and his sharp mind. In 1996, he was the first employed…

  • Ulf Rundqvist

    With years of work experience as a basis, Ulf possesses a wealth of expertise in the right tools to achieve excellent and sustainable results in his work. He has been…

  • Frej Sojé Berggren

    With extensive industry experience and a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering as the foundation, Frej possesses broad expertise in his field. He has experience…

  • Robin Ljunglöf

    Robin is a competent and experienced software developer with a focus on NET and web development. He has a bachelor’s degree in Informatics and a master’s degree…

  • Nicklas Ojava

    With ten years of experience in the industry, Nicklas has extensive competence within IT. He has experience in the design and implementation for both small customers and large…

  • Tommy Rydel

    With many years of industry experience, and training in systems development, ERP, data modeling and business intelligence, Tommy possesses broad expertise in his field…

  • Mattias Bylund

    Mattias is a very skilled and an appreciated development leader. He has previously worked within systems and web development, and has a master’s degree in technology as…

  • Fredrik Ehnö

    With 15 years of work experience in business intelligence (BI) and QlikView, Fredrik has a solid expertise within this area. During his time at QlikTech, he worked in the U.S…

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We are passionate about what we do, so do not be surprised if you encounter employees from Infozone who are unusually motivated and dedicated.


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