Infozone – Champions of Business Intelligence!

Infozone works in several different business areas to provide complete solutions for your organization. One of the business areas that we are experts in both in Sweden and the U.S. are solutions for Business Intelligence (BI), an area we have chosen to highlight for you in this post to provide you and your organization a better understating of the importance of BI.

E2E tests – a real world experience

Today, I want to share my experience incorporating E2E tests (End to End tests) as part of the daily work in a fairly large project. I will try to reason about my perception of E2E before the project started, the initial challenges we were facing, the ups and downs we did face during the course of the project and…

Linting – Handcuffing your developers?

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and may not represent my employer’s (Infozone) view. I’ve recently been in projects with strong enforcement on code style using StyleCop (C#) and TsLint (Type Script) and I feel the need to write about my experience and try to reason about the pros and cons of…

Write the code yourself

You are asked to implement new functionality, something that involves solving a problem that does not yet exist in your project. You sit down with your keyboard and start doing your magic, what is the first thing you do?